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TSI strives to stay ahead of the electronic design and contract manufacturing industry, utilizing the latest technologies in our designs while investing in top of the line manufacturing equipment to ensure efficiency and quality of work. Check back often to see what’s happening at TSI and in our every-changing industry.

TSI Adds Second Optical Inspection Machine

TSI has recently added a second Optical Inspection Machine to its manufacturing division.  The Mirtec MV-6 Omni AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) is a High-Speed/High-Performance AOI Machine using 3D Technology.   Just another example of TSI’s commitment to quality.

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TSI Adds Second Pick-and-Place Machine

TSI continues to increase manufacturing capacity by adding a new MyCronic MY300sx Pick-and-Place machine: 24,000 CPH (Chips per hour) Smallest chip = 01005  (0.016” x 0.008”) Largest component =  (5.51” x 2.87”) Electrical Verifier 192 (8 mm feeder) capacity Max PCB size (18” x 20”) Min PCB size (2.7” x 2”) Machine vision (4K Resolution)

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TSI Continues to Upgrade Equipment and Improve Services

TSI continues its equipment upgrades with a new KISS-103 Selective Soldering machine. This automated process is a simple to use, low cost selective soldering machine using the proven ‘traveling mini–solder wave”, featuring the “Super fast” robotic motion to maximize production. Over the last few years TSI has upgraded to Solder Paste Jetting technology, new SMT […]

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