Case Studies

Your success makes our success.

At TSI, our good work speaks for itself. Browse through a few of our case studies to see what keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Unattended Payment Terminal Integration

Our engineering team has been working on multiple projects that consist of adding unattended payment terminals to existing vending machines.  Various terminals from NAYAX, MONEYGroup, and Ingenico have been used with both serial and pulse-based interfaces.  In addition, these terminals use various internet access technologies such as 4G, Wi-Fi, and wired ethernet.

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TSI Engineering Team uses DIGI SoM ConnectCore 6UL-2 in Embedded Printer Design

The TSI Engineering team has just completed an embedded printer circuit board design using the new DIGI SoM ConnectCore 6UL-2.   This SoM was selected to replace an older circuit design to provide new technology, more resources, and wireless connectivity.  TSI continues to leverage new technology in their clients designs for competitive advantages.

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Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Board

The TSI engineering team has just completed a microcontroller-based high precision temperature monitoring and alarm board. This unit is powered by the NXP Kinetis microcontroller and uses a 1-wire interface temperature sensor.

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LED Lighting

Technical Support, Inc. has designed the electronics for a solid state reading lamp offering elegance and advanced features which take LED lighting to a new level.  TSI has engineered controller boards and LED light arrays that achieve superior lighting characteristics without generating the extreme heat currently associated with many current designs.  These components all fit […]

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